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SWB 256 Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks 30 Hz to 6000 Hz  


Frequently Asked Questions

SWB 256 Tuning Forks  

Q.What are your STANDARD Tuning Forks versus the CUSTOM Hz Tuning Forks?

A. Our Standard Hz Tuning Forks are the Verdi La of 432 Hz, Middle C at 256 Hz, the octave above Middle C (512 Hz) and the octave below Middle C (128 Hz). These are usually available for immediate shipping. ALL other Hz are Custom Hz, and both Group A (128 to 6000 Hz) and Group B (30 Hz to 127 Hz) Custom Hz take 2- 3 weeks to produce. 

Q. Who uses Tuning Forks?

A. More and more people are using Tuning Forks, including those who had previously preferred electronic and computer generated tones to get a particular musical pitch or vibration. Once used primarily by musicians and science class, today tuning forks are used in medical offices (neurology and hearing), on the battlefield or stadium, and in Eastern and alternative medicine for diagnostics, healing and therapy. Teachers use them for classroom education, research and sound experiments in schools, and they are used in law enforcement for speed calibration. Musicians -- singers, choir directors, string instrumentalists, guitar players and others appreciate the naturally vibrating, non-electronic tone of the Tuning Fork. Healing and sound experts employ both weighted and unweighted Tuning Forks for stress reduction, relaxation, pain management, and many other therapeutic functions. SWB 256's expertise is in the area of Musical Tuning.  Read more here about the use of tuning forks in general.  

Q. Should I choose Weighted or Unweighted tuning forks?

A. The pitch of your Tuning Fork will always be precisely the same for the weighted or unweighted. We recommend that Group B (lower frequency) Tuning Forks, from 30 Hz to 127 Hz, always be weighted, and that is already in the price. These large Tuning Forks are unwieldy if they are not weighted.  The Group A Custom Hz and our Standard Hz Tuning Forks can be ordered weighted or unweighted, depending on your own preference.  
     Specific frequency (Hz) is a product of length, width, thickness, and elasticity. Weights on the Tuning fork increase the mass at the ends of the prongs. This lowers the Hz in a shorter, easier to use length, and transfers more energy to the handle, so that the vibration is deeper and can be felt in the stem (handle.)  The Middle C 256 Hz is used equally in its weighted and unweighted version. Although many healers prefer the overtones of the unweighted 128 Hz, others prefer the deeper vibration with the 128 Hz weighted fork. We have fulfilled numerous orders of higher Hz tuning forks with weights, although for very high frequency forks, we advise that the weights will shorten the ring time of the tone.  We can also produce unweighted Group B  (30 Hz to 127 Hz) tuning forks for you by special request, as we have done for physics classes. Let us know your specifications. 

Q. Are the weights removable?

A. When you order a weighted Tuning Fork, the weights are permanent.We do have 2 items with removable weights: the 7 Frequency Adjustable Tuning Fork, with the 128 Hz, 144 Hz, 160 Hz, 170.7 Hz, 192 Hz, 213.3 Hz and 240 Hz calibration markings engraved in the Tuning Fork. When the weights are removed, it is 240 Hz. We have the A2-165256 Tuning Fork for medical use, calibrated to 165 Hz with weights and 256 unweighted, which may be ordered by email.

Can I combine weighted and unweighted Tuning Forks in my order? 

A. Yes, we can add weights to any Custom Hz or Standard Hz  Tuning Fork (only $7 additional per item). You can specify which items you need weighted here. 

Q. What are the SWB 256 Tuning Forks made of, where are they produced, and are they durable? 

A. SWB 256 Tuning Forks from the highest grade materials to ensure superior performance: non-tarnishing, non-corroding and non-rusting aerospace-grade, non-magnetic aluminum. Produced in the USA, they are FDA registered and Europe CE certified. Your SWB 256 Tuning Forks will perform flawlessly and last a lifetime with normal use and proper care. 


Q. How do I get a sound or vibration from the tuning fork?

A. You can strike the tuning fork on our rubber activator, or with a hard or soft rubber mallet (hammer.) Use the harder (black) mallet for the higher frequencies.  Always hold the Tuning Fork at the stem, not on the tines (prongs) and just tap the prong on the activator. You can just use the fleshy part of your hand, elbow, thigh or knee also to activate the tuning fork- tapping it gently on those parts of your body.  Listen as you hold the Tuning Fork up to your ear, and you will hear the tone of the Hz which is engraved on the Tuning Fork.  It is recommended that you do not slam the fork on metal, although you may gently tap 2 tuning forks together if desired. 

Q. Can I order an SWB 256 Tuning Fork with a longer handle? 

A. Yes, the length of the standard stem is 1-5/8 inches. A longer stem of 2-1/2 inches can be special ordered by email.

Q. Where can I find out about different scales and sets of Tuning Forks?

A. This page provides most of the info you will need, or you can call or email us at SWB 256 recommends the Verdi Tuning, which sets Middle C at 256 Hz and Verdi's La or A at 432 Hz. This is determined physically, by the human singing voice rather than mathematical calculation.. 

Q.Does temperature really affect the Hz?

A. Yes, the optimal temperature is 68-70 degrees F, which is normal room temperature. So if you are coming in from the freezing weather with your tuning fork, you may want to wait a bit until it reaches room temp for best results. 

Q. Your international shipping rates are high!  Can you ship them a cheaper way?

A. Yes, we can ship first class to international locations, or regular priority mail. We had some issues with non-delivery to overseas locations over the years, so we decided to use guaranteed delivery to avoid further problems. IF you choose first class shipping rather than the Express mail, we will not be responsible for lost items after they leave the USA, and we will not replace items that were not delivered. We never expect problems with the regular mail or UPS, but if there are problems with regular first class delivery overseas, we are not responsible. 

Q. Can you gift wrap?

A. Yes, please email and we will work with you on that. Additional cost for gift wrap is $1.00.

Please email other questions you may have, and we'll reply and may post the answers here. 

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