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SWB 256 Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks 30 Hz to 6000 Hz  

G 384 Hz Tuning Forks $18.99

$18.99 $27.00

      You asked and we have delivered! The G 384 Hz Tuning Fork from SWB 256 is engraved "G 384" and is the "Sol" or "G" in the Musical Scale, which is a fifth up from Middle C 256 Hz.  
       This is the same excellent quality as SWB 256's other Verdi Tuning Forks, like the 432 Hz  and 256 Hz, and is employed by musicians, singers, health and wellness professionals, physics labs, science teachers, vibrational healers. sound experts and others.  
       Wrapped in plastic from the lab, the 384 Hz Tuning Fork comes with a light weight pouch, and is produced in the USA from a non-rusting, non-tarnishing, non-magnetic aluminum alloy, designed to produce a pure tone even after many years of use with proper care.  This  2 pronged, naturally vibrating, aluminum tuning fork has a stem of 1-3/4 inches and is 7-1/8 inches long and weighs 2.1 ounces.     
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