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Physical Scale (Pythagorean, Chakra B Scale) in Pouch

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Pythagorean Scale in Heavy 8 pocket Pouch - Only $152
C256 Hz (Do),
D288 Hz (Re),
E320 Hz (Mi),
F341 .3 Hz (Fa),  
G384 Hz (Sol),
A426.7 Hz (La),
B480 Hz (Ti),
C512 Hz (Do)
       (The pouch in the photo is sold separately for $11.50 ) 

     This scale, also called the Physical Scale , is based on C=256 Hz and its octave C=512 Hz. It has many uses in physics, education, music and scientific work.  The intervals here are determined by strict  mathematics, and not by human vocal registration, so the La ("A") is even lower than the Verdi "La."  Classical composer Giuseppe Verdi insisted that the "La" be set no higher than 432 Hz.

      This scale is  also called the Chakra B scale ,   and is in demand for healing, sound and vibrational therapy, teaching, and of course, work with the Chakras.
      Substituions permitted are  
A=432Hz,  B=486 Hz and E=324Hz.
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        The pouch is included! (Ordered  separately, it is $11.50)

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