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SWB 256 Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks 30 Hz to 6000 Hz  

Custom Set of 8 - Any Hz Unweighted


Any Scale of 8 Custom Hz UNweighted Tuning Forks
Group A - Frequencies between 100 Hz and 6000 Hz 
Produced to your specifications 

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Click here to order the Set of 9 Custom Hz Tuning Forks
Our brand new, unweighted excellent quality Tuning Forks are aluminum, naturally vibrating, 2 pronged, are produced and shipped from the USA.
 No accessories or pouches are included.

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* You may order any combination of Hz, or all of the same Hz. *

To ORDER any of these forks with Weights,
  go to the "Make it Weighted" Product
and specify which Hz you want.

(Adding weights is $7.50 additional for each fork)

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